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Fashion (MA)

Amanda Glickman

Amanda Glickman is an American multidisciplinary artist and designer. She received her BA in Apparel Design at Rhode Island School of Design in 2020. To further her research and challenge her ways of creating, she moved to London for the MA Fashion program at Royal College of Art. Her current practice demonstrates her interest in archives and memory, as well as hand work and Americana.

Denim skirt details.

This body of work signals my desire to achieve emotionally durable design through clothing and image. Through my material processes I was able to articulate my interest of sentimentality by creating with my hands- imperfections became beautiful as I hand knit, beaded, and re-worked pre-owned garments.

My inspiration often originates from old family photos that my grandfather e-mails me which exemplify our American experience. I became directly interested in my grandfather as a college football star, #76, and learned about his experience as a Jewish player in the 50's through these photos and our phone calls.

This work is titled SCHMATTA, the Yiddish word for "rag". Themes of Americana, my family history, and my material explorations lead to this concept which encapsulates the essence of the clothing and images that I have created. "Schmatta", usually used in a negative way, becomes a description of endearment, nostalgia, and beauty.

knitted dress detail and full body
model on couch
close up of model
jersey look, feet in grass
model in denim and jersey outfit
model in denim sweats and beaded bikini
beauty shot of model
knitwear on model
beaded close up