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Design Products (MA)

Alejandro Gayubo

I am an industrial engineer that has been focused on product development his all career working across different industries. My ability to blend the technical and creative world empowers me to thrive in the realm of design. I have honed this ability to translate complex concepts into innovative designs centered on the user but never forgetting the ascetics. Fuelled by an insatiable curiosity, I relish the opportunity to embrace novel challenges and immerse myself in diverse environments.

Passionate about the future world and hoping to take part in the next big revolution that is awaiting us.

Alejandro Gayubo

I believe that the success of any design lies in its ability to resonate with people on an emotional level, transcending the realm of mere utility. By fostering meaningful interactions between users and their environment, I aim to enhance their daily experiences and forge a lasting bond between individuals and the products they interact with.

Analogue instrumentation for reading power and speed for the control of an electric motorbike.
Analogue data display
accionamiento embrague electronico virtual .madera  metacrilato y goma
Virtual electronic clutch
Motorbike software simulator

Why we drive?

This project focuses on improving the driving experience of electric vehicles, more specifically electric motorbikes. Aiming for a better interplay and rapport between rider and machine. 

 The question of why we drive can be answered in a very simple way, to get from A to B. 

But in reality, driving is much more, it is to control, it is to feel, it is to enjoy, in the end it is a passion.

For this, I have focused on the torque control of electric motors. To generate a virtual electronic gearbox that emulates the driving of gasoline motorbikes without losing the performance and sustainability of the electric motor. Going through all the necessary components such as the throttle and clutch to get that connection and control that we all enjoy when driving.


Microcontroller, coding, simulation module, c