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Design Products (MA)

Alexander Burgess

Locally Sourced revolves around exploring the resources in nature and how they can be better used. More specifically, the dyes and pigments that can be extracted from plant life and how this can be differentiated from place to place. Through using these pigments, aiming to investigate how the characteristics of a given locality can have a greater influence on the objects within there. This is being done through a variety of techniques across the medium of textiles an timber.

Foraging for Ivy Leaves

Alexander Burgess is a designer/maker based in South East London. His focus largely revolves around textiles and woodworking as well as natural craft and sustainable processes.


Design Products MA | RCA | Sept 2022 - Present

Product Design BsC | Brunel University | 2016-2020


Design Technology & Engineering Technician | Aylward Academy | 2020 - 2022

Prototyping Intern | LEGO | 2019

3D Printing Technician | Batch Works | 2018-2019

Turmeric Filled Wood
Natural Dye Preparation
Chair Upholstery
Dyed Jacket
Dye Preparation
Naturally Stained Wood