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Adelheid Pechova

Adelheid is a London-based designer of Slovak origin, with a background in Interior Design. She explores the intricate interplay between human behaviour, contemporary issues, and human perception. Adelheid is driven by a profound desire to push the boundaries of unconscious behaviour by employing innovative approaches to products, spaces, technology, and materials.

Adelheid Pechova

Design for change as the future is uncomfortable. We need to provoke, bring inquisitiveness, discomfort and empathy to the existing systems and behaviour.

'Whispering Palate' offers a unique dining experience centred around an unconventional table, designed to enhance the art of Distraction-Free Eating. It entices diners to disconnect from their devices and truly focus on the food. Through the use of curiosity and sound, this innovative table introduces techniques for cultivating mindfulness during meals. It specifically caters to individuals seeking more engagement during their dining experiences, those who view idle moments as unproductive, and those striving for increased mindfulness. By providing new stimuli and fostering a deeper connection to the act of eating, whether by listening to the sound of chewing, the preparation process, or even the rhythm of one's breath, Whispering Palate aims to address the prevailing health and behaviour-related challenges in today's food landscape.

The product directly addresses the concerning issues associated with health and eating habits. Distraction eating, which often leads to reduced taste perception and overconsumption, has become prevalent due to our tendency to focus on external distractions like television, phones, or newspapers. This behaviour can have indirect health consequences, including contributing to obesity and related problems. However, since distracting eating stems from habitual patterns that we may not always be aware of, the Whispering Palate subtly nudges individuals toward alternative behaviours, encouraging them to break free from these unconscious habits.

Whispering Table
The interaction based table for Distraction-Free Eating.
Interaction with the food
The pervasive unconscious habit of using phones during meals for entertainment, social connection, and education has become a common practice.
Attraction of the sound
The incorporation of sound within the table during meals captures the person's attention by allowing them to listen to their own chewing, diverting their focus away from the phone and reducing their visual fixation on it.
Listening to different stimuli
Individuals using the table may experience either discomfort or amusement with the sound, prompting them to explore different settings through the buttons integrated into the table.
eating without anything
The primary objective of the table is to subconsciously educate individuals and positively influence their eating habits through unconscious behaviour.
Button Interaction
The buttons on the table produce various sounds that offer different ways for individuals to enjoy their food, relax, and increase their focus on the meal, promoting sustained practices that extend beyond the table.
table angle
detail of interaction
side tabl

'Irony' is a concise collection that delves into the repetitive nature of human behaviour, presenting a series of experiments that reveal our unconsious tendencies. It encapsulates the irony of our recurring errors and paterns.


The book is an extensive exploration of techniques and issues related to distraction eating, slow eating, and their impact on individuals and their environment.

Distraction eating
 experiment 1
Experiment 2
experiment 3
pasta experiment