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Design Products (MA)

Zuoning Wang

The EmotiFlora project represents a significant advancement in the realm of emotional communication and understanding in a future where expressing and comprehending emotions has become increasingly challenging. This innovative project aims to bridge the gap created by alexithymia and the diminishing face-to-face interactions that characterize this society.

The background of the EmotiFlora project is rooted in the recognition of the difficulties faced by individuals with alexithymia, who struggle to express and understand emotions in traditional ways. In this future world, technology has evolved to offer a solution in the form of a wearable device that visually represents emotions through dynamic, shifting petals. The EmotiFlora serves as an external organ, harmoniously integrating with the human body, allowing individuals to convey and interpret emotions in a tangible and accessible manner.

The significance of the EmotiFlora project lies in its transformative impact on emotional communication. By providing a visual language for emotions, the device offers an alternative means of expression, transcending the limitations of verbal and non-verbal cues. It fosters understanding, connection, and empathy among individuals, facilitating genuine emotional connections that would otherwise be challenging to establish.


Zuoning Wang

In the MA Design Products, Zuoning focuses on future barriers to human communication and the lack of human emotional expression.

It is hoped that through this work people will think about the importance of emotions to people and whether we really know our own emotional state.

Future in 2052
world view
Alexithymia and EmotioFlora