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Design Products (MA)

Ziyi Yang

Ziyi Yang is a Chinese industrial designer with a passion for combining creativity and functionality in his research to create better products and experiences for people.

In his design process, he particularly enjoys structural exploration. He enjoys studying and understanding the properties of different materials and constructions, and building strong and creative products based on them. He is constantly experimenting and improving, pursuing new design solutions to improve the efficiency, comfort and sustainability of his products.

He focuses on interaction and feedback with the user. He believes that only by truly understanding user needs and incorporating them into his designs can he create satisfying products. He is therefore willing to engage in in-depth communication and observation with users to better understand their expectations and challenges.

Pictures of prototype experiments conducted

BicycleNest is a tent designed for bicycle travellers, which uses the bicycle as a support structure for lightweight design purposes. The design uses the bicycle as a support structure to secure the bicycle in place and prevent it from being lost.

In the process of design the project, I collaborated with the user, the bicycle traveller, to discover the actual needs of the user and through market research, I generated the functional requirements for my design project. I prototyped the concept structure multiple times to selected the best structure, and then built many prototypes and iterated the design through testing several times to produce the final product form.

The structure has been tested to fit all wheel sizes and types of bicycles and can be set up quickly. The product is also structurally stable compared to traditional tents. The tent's interior space has space for a sleeping bag, allowing a cyclist to rest comfortably inside to spend the night in the wilderness.

Bicycle tent front
Behind the bike tent
Side of the bike tent
Top picture
Use of display images
Design process