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Fashion (MA)

Zhengtong Huang

Zhengtong Huang is a scholar and installation artist with professional expertise in the field of environmental art and sustainable development. He focuses on researching the interplay between human behavior, consciousness, and the natural environment, employing innovative materials and interactive design elements to delve into these subjects. Moreover, his adeptness in creating installation art enables him to construct immersive and thought-provoking environments that resonate with viewers, engaging them in critical dialogues regarding sustainability and environmental consciousness. Inspired by panpsychism and quantum consciousness, Huang ZhenTong seeks to understand and demonstrate how human existence mutually influences the natural environment through his work. His installations serve not only as artistic expressions but also as educational platforms that encourage reflection and awareness. He is dedicated to exploring environmental protection and sustainability issues through art, and to providing professional insights and knowledge in this field.

Human Interaction with Nature.

In the process of exploring the interaction between nature and human behavior, I am deeply aware that the changes humans make to the natural environment are both significant and far-reaching. Each of our decisions and actions is akin to a quantum measurement, continuously altering the state of the biological system. However, this change is not unidirectional, the natural environment also responds to our behaviors uniquely.

I actively draw from Whitehead's panpsychism in exploring the complementary relationship between behavior and consciousness. Panpsychism posits that everything, from particles to the universe, possesses a spiritual pole and a physical level. This implies that our physical behaviors and states of consciousness are mutually influential and transmutable. The remnants in the natural environment are, thus, physical manifestations of guilty human consciousness, a materialization, and condensation of the impacts of human behavior and consciousness on the environment.

Interactive art and design played a crucial role in this project. Through experiments with behavioral traces and research on biomaterials, I tried to show how human behaviors interact with the natural environment, resulting in changes in consciousness during this process. Through immersive experiences and in-depth exploration of the natural environment, I hope to stimulate a profound understanding and emphasis on environmental protection.

Finally, this project is a comprehensive exploration of nature, behavior, and consciousness, as well as an application of panpsychism and quantum consciousness. Through this approach, I hope to guide people to re-examine the impact we have on nature, especially those profound, overlooked, or even potentially irreversible effects. At the same time, I want to remind everyone that we have the responsibility and ability to repair and protect our environment.

Some researches on the destruction of the natural environment.
Self-performance experiments with some of the artist's researches.
Human sculpture experiment.
Boundaries of the human body.
Human interaction with nature.
Shape shaping connects the human body to nature.
The use of metal in people's activities.
Contour thinking and experimentation with metal skeletons.
Engine installation and programming to drive the metal skeleton changes.
Experiments in Draping.
The first look in the pattern cutting of white blank.
Draping of the second look.
Draping of the second look.
Biomaterials testing.
First look of fitting.
First look of fitting.
Transition from Form1 to Form2
Nature blends in with the clothes.
Nature blends in with the clothes.