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Fashion (MA)



“Our bodies are not simply inert objects existing independently of our minds; they are rather the very means through which we come to know the world and articulate our sense of self… Thus, rather than being ‘an object in the world’, the body forms ‘our point of view on the world’.” — Maurice Merleau-Ponty

The role of a fashion designer in the twenty-first century extends far beyond creating aesthetically pleasing garments for self-expression and identity. It now entails embracing significant and indispensable principles that demand thorough consideration and responsibility.

These objectives necessitate the ability to adapt to our ever-changing world while upholding environmental responsibility and ethical consciousness. How can we approach design in a way that encompasses careful thought, sustainability and ethical practices? And how can we reshape the design and manufacturing processes to align with these principles?

Text by Jenny Huang

Image Credit: Jenny Huang