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Fashion (MA)

Yuxin Zhang

Yuxin Zhang is a diversified fashion designer who is committed to combining fashion, art, biology, society and technology. For her, the application of new materials has a special emotional value. She perfectly applies new materials to fashion design, endowing it with fresh vitality. Due to her love for fashion design and her long-term exploration in this field, she has deeply thought about the stories and emotions generated by people and fashion products. Fashion can affect the overall atmosphere of people and has certain practical value. It can also exist without form as "portable art", with aesthetic and artistic value. In a fast-paced society where new things are constantly emerging, some social status quo is excavated, and in the era of rapid technological development, new materials and social reflections are presented through the medium of fashion, allowing viewers to enter a situation, in order to bring more philosophical and social thinking to the fashion industry.

social reflection

This project is a reflection on women in love with the development of society. Through the progress of time, it is divided into three stages

1.<blind for love>

traditional old China divided into two parts (romantic and brutal)

The romantic part is the box made of beeswax. When I spend time with my grandmother, I find that there are still details of her elegance and a sense of ritual in her. She is used to putting her valuables in a beautiful wooden box. Women in the old society have this habit. They think that the wooden box stores their best memories. When I returned to the fast pace of modern life, I collected a lot of modern packaging boxes and found that people just threw them away after using them. Many substances cannot be degraded, resources are wasted, and environmental pollution becomes a problem. I wanted to use a new way to solve this problem: I found a beeswax material that natural degrades in the environment, and explored and understood this material in detail. Finally, I made a series of packaging boxes. Burn it at home to create romance in your home, or as a storage box to store your most precious memories.

The cruel part comes from Grandma's "fairy tale". Behind these seemingly romantic stories, there is a lot of cruelty hidden. Feudal polygamy and patriarchal ideology became the catalyst for women's tragedies in their later years. This reminds me of Zhang Yimou's movie "Raise the Red Lantern", which tells the story of a wealthy family in the old society who would hang red lanterns in the room of their beloved wives. The four wives killed each other for their own benefit. Red lanterns originally symbolized happiness in China, but there is cruelty hidden behind them. This is also the fate of countless concubines, whose minds and bodies are intertwined, which I represent here as a constant switching between justice and evil. I extracted the shape of the lantern, and got inspiration from the changing women in the "cage", thinking that the shape of the bag can also change at any time. Using the "romantic lantern" technique to satirize the patriarchal supremacy of the old society.

2.<blood for love>

the monogamy system was implemented after the liberation of China, but when this system was just released, it was difficult for men to adapt to the monogamous environment, and they committed a lot of adultery. Some husbands also committed cruel acts towards women, such as domestic violence, cold violence, and mind control on their wives. Here, I represent this through the eyes of women, who may feel like they go back and forth between believing in love and doubting love.

3.<balance for love>

Here, I am thinking about the future of love, where women are becoming more and more independent. Everyone is a part of the third part: you stand there, it is my third part, leave more space for people to think, no one can decide what women will look like in the future, you can decide your own future.

story background
thermochromic bag
baguses temperature to change colour to simulate the colour state of lighting and an extinguishing lantern.