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Fashion (MA)

Footwear, Accessories, Millinery and Eyewear


FAME 2023, which encompasses Footwear, Accessories, Millinery, and Eyewear, has undergone a remarkable enrichment process that involves a dynamic fusion of various disciplines such as bio-design, engineering, digital design, and artisanship, among others. This amalgamation of expertise has allowed us to push the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship in the development of accessories that cater to every part of the body, from head to toe.

With delicate precision, our creations come to life through the skilled touch of human hands, the implementation of cutting-edge technology, or a harmonious blend of both approaches. Regardless of the methods employed, our main objective remains the same: to craft accessories that embody our vision, desires and a profound understanding of the human experience. In this relentless pursuit, we continuously question ourselves, encouraging a deeper exploration of our craft.

The products of FAME 2023 serve as a reflection of not only our creative prowess but also the emotions, experiences, backgrounds, and identities that shape us as individuals. As unique designers, creators, and makers, we come together as a unified creative community, celebrating our diversity while embracing our shared passion for pushing the boundaries of accessory design. In essence, FAME 2023 embodies the essence of our collective spirit, showcasing the incredible power of human imagination and innovation. We are FAME.

Image Credit: Barnaby Callaby