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Painting (MA)

Yuxiao (Charlotte) Wang

Artist Yuxiao Wang (b. 1995) is an artist from Shanghai, China, currently pursuing MA in Painting from Royal College of Art, London. 

Yuxiao Wang‘s work focuses on themes of vulnerability and difference in human relationships through exploration of the subconscious and the influence of memory poetics.In 2017, she was a curatorial assistant at the [Abstract Era] in the 1906 Cultural and Creative Park. In 2019, her work "Mountains and Rivers" was exhibited in the Young Artists Group Exhibition at Wujiu Cultural Center and won an award.2021-2022, her paintings have been exhibited in London for many times.

Degree Details

School of Arts & HumanitiesPainting (MA)RCA2023 at Truman Brewery

Truman Brewery, F Block, Ground, first and second floors

220cm x 190cm Oil on canvas

Yuxiao Wang’s works are exploring the "survival of relationships" though the subconscious and poetic mnemonics. The act and power of expressing interdependence and parasitism. She uses the bony conch shell to create a space for the broken subconscious, which are independent individuals and have an inextricably parasitic relationship with each other. Spaces are often limited by social dis- course, people strive to survive between the confrontation and acceptance with society. They think, wander and express, but they can't get rid of their predicament - this is our current state of existence.

“To me, the relationship between life forms and the outside world is the most intriguing, which explains why I used sea snails as the thematic element in my work. Being both a vessel and a life form, sea snail serves as a parasite for other life forms. I want to express "parasitism, recombination, and rebirth.

In my opinion, as advanced animals, human beings all have their animalistic side. It was primitive human nature that led to their physical or psychological imperfections, both innate and acquired, which is also a process that I gradually accepted myself from my own perspective. Animal instincts impel us to look for intimacy and show our vulnerabilities. Dependent on a certain relationship, we grow and develop new flesh and blood, being healed and protected by different relationships and drawing corresponding lessons. This, indeed, is the inescapable destiny of human beings living in society.”

Parasitism I100cm x120cm ,Oil on canvas,2022
Parasitism III100cm x120cm ,Oil on canvas,2022
Parasitism II100cm x120cm ,Oil on canvas,2022
Rebirth IV 2023,Oil on canvas,40cm x50cm
Parasitism&Commensalism50cm x60cm ,Oil on canvas,2023
With my heart50cm x30cm ,Oil on canvas,2022
Live away from ...180cm x200cm ,Oil &Crayons on canvas,2022
Harmonic prologue||Oil on canvas,81cm x31cm,20cm x20cm,65cm x40cm,14cm x18cm,2023
Optical Pulse | seriesOil on canvas,20cm x20 cm x3,2023
Shell Sheath VIII170cm x200cm,Oil on canvas,2023
Lanisis Papilio Ulysses180cm x190cm ,Oil on canvas,2023