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Design Products (MA)

Yutong Wang

Yutong Wang is a creator and a changemaker. He takes a systematic way to look at the world. Constantly using interdisciplinary skills to come up with visions to solve problems.

During his studies at the RCA, he has learnt to identify dilemmas with a more innovative, provocative and critical perspective. Seeing products, interactions, services and speculative design as a tool to guide audience responses.

Based in Beijing and London. Works on interaction design combining hardware and software. Facilitating the integration of AI into workflows.

Exhibitions and Awards

London Design Festival 2022

OPPO X RCA Innovation Studio Project Winner

Yutong Wang Avatar

-What are the core competencies for future creatives?

-What are the new design industry roles going forward?

-What are the threats & opportunities AI presents to the sector?

-Can creativity become something else…?

In an era of rapid development in AI technology, the value of design is threatened by AI. As design industries usher in a singularity of change, crisis is also accompanied by opportunity.

There is an urgent need to understand the capabilities, opportunities, and applications of AI in design practice.

The Survival of Design focuses on integrating AI into the design industry; intervening in the principles of AI usage, education, tool functionality and assessment criteria to develop a new understanding of design workflow. It culminates in  an outline for a Creative Course which explores impending changes in design roles and how we can adapt to the impact of rapidly evolving AI.

What if  there is a new role for creatives and designers in the future AI era,  what will they be?
Scenario: AI-driven talent pyramid of design industry.
Vision: Inspire designers become higher level talent.
Dilemma: Threats to design industry practitioners by AI.
Intervention: Educate using and collaborating AI appropriately.
Draft of the Design Survival Handbook, a combination of desktop research, AI workshops, interviews with industry practitioners and relevant experts. The content will be updated in line with changes of the industry.
As an artefactual prop to showcase my intervention strategy, drafting an introductory AI creativity course handbook. Potentially updated as practical educational projects are subsequently launched.
Student Case: Postgraduate
Student Case: Postgraduate
Student Case: Professional Designer
Student Case: Undergraduate
Process: Explore the value of AI in product design workflow
Process: How to use AI in creative design courses
Process: Online Creativity Course Template
Process: Workshop user testing
Process: Optimize course flow and structure
Process: Student case of optimised course template
Iteration: Update the AI technology that eliminates designers
Iteration: Use traditional design tools to enhance AI accuracy
Iteration: Clearer assessment of learning outcomes for on board
Future Consulting Plan
Destiny AI Website Intro – Destiny AI is a fictitious company that provides users with reliable AI assistant products in different fields in the next 20 or 30 years. When users provide data and ask questions, the AI assistant will combine the learned big data knowledge to come up with accurate predictions and suggestions for different scenarios.
Human choices and destiny
People want authoritative analysis and predictions to observe the lives of users. At the same time, there is a mindset and a need to seek predictions about the future. There is a great expectation of unpredictability and surprises in the future.
Future trends: AI influences human choices and destiny
From ancient times there have been tools to help people peer into the future. With the development of technology, especially AI technology, the ability to analyse and predict human destiny has become more accurate and helpful. It may become an indispensable tool to aid human decision-making, but it is also becoming more and more intrusive on people's privacy and free will.
Future scenario: Intelligent Assistant Company in 2030
In the future, in the 2030s, intelligent AI that can accurately analyse, predict and advise users on their short-term future will already be trained. There will be a huge gap between the capabilities of the public and AI companies. How do we balance the relationship between people and AI technology companies so that it becomes one of mutual benefit and interdependence.
User test- Official website of Destiny AI Inc
Through a participatory critical test, potential users can choose between AI preference matching tests on the website, and explore their own interaction preferences and data privacy scales in the process. Ultimately the number of AI matches will reveal which AI types are popular under different domains.
Data Capsule Introduction – Transform users' valuable data as an offline AR exploration experience. Reduces data center energy consumption while streamlining user storage space.
Define problem and solutio
Future data storage crisis – In background research, users will create more data in the future. This increases the consumption of data storage centres and company costs. Therefore I want to design a service, that guides users to streamline and manage their personal data in their lives. It will save the valuable data and reduce useless data, especially the huge amount of data legacy when people die.
User process
Geolocation-based storage of data for user journeys – A data legacy geopoint storage platform. It basically means you can storage personal highlight data forever in the location where it happened. All data will become an AR effect, displayed in the real world. Wait for a person from the future to revisit and interact with them, comparing the changes of the past.
For future self
For future self-1. Take a photo of yourself in the same place to compare the changes in your appearance. 2. Compare with your own virtual characters, preferences in the past.
For descendants
For descendants - 1. Interacting with the legacy of people, history and events from different eras. 2. Trace memories of family, friends and ancestors in the real world.
For close contacts
For close contacts - 1. Leave a message for contacts and create social network for future generations. 2. Only the most popular data will be kept on display and updated.
Live Demo
Scanning with a mobile phone camera. Experience the VR prototype on the web side.
Launch Project
Participation in the 2022 London Design Festival exhibition – Winner of the OPPO X RCA Innovation Studio project