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Design Products (MA)

Yunhui Chen

A creative worker who often overthinks, possesses great ambition, and continually strives to enhance skills and abilities.



This project constructs two distinct dreamscapes through three chapters, reenacting a powerful outcry that emerged unexpectedly on Chinese social media. The focus is on the challenges faced by delivery riders in their survival struggle , including high risks and the dehumanizing nature of their work. This outcry leads to a crisis in public relations for major delivery platforms, prompting a series of reform measures. However, as public interest wanes, the only true change appears to be within the endurance limits of the delivery riders themselves. They are compelled to seek new means of self-adaptation in a job with limited alternatives. Meanwhile, the original critics vanish, replaced by two supposedly more "authentic" voices, resonating with some delivery riders: "Survival is paramount in these dire circumstances; discussions of morality and emotions are futile," and "This job is a temporary refuge; frequent personnel turnover makes everything besides earning money inconsequential."

The three chapters encompass the following:

  1. Chinese Delivery Riders: Through extensive audiovisual material collection depicting their challenges, a first-person narrative film is created.
  2. The Unattainable Fantasy: Using montage editing, a simulated press conference scene introduces "Nexus," a next-generation emotional voice assistant specifically designed for food delivery riders. It aims to address their social connection deficit, offering two dream-like virtual assistants tailored for different contexts, creating an illusion of appreciation. However, we also explore the real-world concern of whether this emotional assistant may enable companies to exploit the workforce more effectively, potentially using manipulative techniques like pickup artistry (PUA).
  3. The Reachable Fantasies: This chapter presents three low-cost, DIY products that showcase compensatory behaviors adopted by different types of food delivery riders in response to social relationship deficits. These behaviors generate fantasies that provide support within their real-life situations, revealing their yearning for different social connections and a strong desire to escape. Nevertheless, they ultimately choose to remain in their current circumstances.

Through these chapters, my intention is to stimulate contemplation among viewers regarding the challenges faced by food delivery riders, the social relationship deficits they encounter, and the ways in which they use fantasies to alleviate their realities. We also explore the potential benefits and limitations of virtual voice assistants, as well as the constraints of compensatory behaviors in reality. Additionally, these discussions give rise to broader key questions: How should these challenges be acknowledged and addressed in the era of prevalent gig economy characterized by weak contracts and low resistance? In the face of survival issues, is passive optimism and reliance on fantasies our only choice?

Chinese Takeaway WorkersThrough extensive audiovisual material collection depicting their challenges, a first-person narrative film is created, culminating in the Food Delivery Rider's Plight Handbook.
takeaways journey
A day in the life of 4 takeaways.
A handbook for the plight of takeaway workers
NEXUS LaunchIt was a fantasy apology and solution launch, announcing a new delivery time algorithm and open-sourcing the result of years of research and development by the AI team - the next generation of emotional voice assistant "NEXUS", which has three roles to choose from, including Blissmate, GuideMate, and JoyMate, providing emotional support, learning advice and sharing joy respectively. GuideMate, JoyMate, providing emotional support, learning advice and sharing joy respectively. It is designed to fill the soci
Voice assistant evolution chart
Voice assistant evolution chart
Natural human voice technology implementation: Natural Language Processing
Natural human voice technology implementation: Natural Language Processing
Version 1: NEXUS Home
working process
working process
NEXUS Home Test
Nexus Flex
Vesion 2: Nexus Flex
flex 1
flex 2
Dialogue scripts for the three characters.
Flow Fortune's Last Ticket
Flow Fortune's Last TicketIt is believed that the entrepreneurial gurus on tiktok can eliminate their information gap and help them succeed in business and improve their family situation.
Solitary Drinking Companion
Solitary Drinking CompanionThrough drinking and talking to friends to express their bitterness, but true friends are becoming less and less.