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Photography (MA)

Yuhong Gan

Yuhong Gan is a Chinese photographer currently based in London. She is interested in exploring the similarities between plant forms and skin conditions. Through the mediums of photography, ceramics, fabrics, and more, she makes connections between the two and attempts to cope with the anxiety of experiencing skin problems by drawing inspiration from the wide variety of plant forms found in nature.

Degree Details

School of Arts & HumanitiesPhotography (MA)RCA2023 at Truman Brewery

Truman Brewery, F Block, Ground, first and second floors

Negative image of a grassland with many bulges, showing a pinkish colour similar to acne-prone skin.

The project, named "The Blemish Garden,"aims to explore the similarities between plant surfaces and skin conditions as a way to address the appearance anxiety caused by such conditions. As someone who has personally experienced skin conditions, I understand the anxiety and shame they can bring, leading individuals to hide their skin. Through this work, my goal is to provide comfort and encouragement to myself and others facing similar challenges. It is essential to recognize that these so-called "blemishes" are common in both people and nature, representing unique aspects of ourselves that can even be transformed into works of art. To emphasize the concept, I chose to work with craft porcelain frames for this project. In Chinese culture, porcelain is often associated with perfect skin, but in reality, porcelain itself can have rough pores and uneven surfaces. By using this material, I aim to challenge the notion of flawless skin. Additionally, I incorporated fabric, which is often referred to as a person's "second skin," to create a contrast. The flexibility of the fabric allows the depicted pimples to stand out on a flat surface, resembling real skin problems. Through the combination of porcelain and fabric, I aim to evoke a deeper understanding and appreciation of the complexities of skin conditions.

Standing legs on a blue carpet with the appearance of a red rash formed by knots of rope pierced through the photograph.
The image portrays a pinkish trunk resembling a leg joint, treated with negative effects, adorned with white spots above.
Image of a bloodied and crusted pimple framed in a white rough glazed frame made of ceramic with red crystal fragments.
Negative image of a grassland with many bulges, showing a pinkish colour similar to acne-prone skin.
Image of a lumpy blueberry on a palm, framed in a ceramic frame with many small pits.
Printed image of the lower half of the face on fabric with rose thorns coming out of the pimples framed in a hand-held mirror.
A pink cactus image framed in a transparent acrylic frame with an uneven texture.
An image of an eye looking at a red swollen pimple beside it.
An image of a drop of blood printed on fabric, framed in a ceramic frame with raised red speckled glaze.
An image of a pink cactus


Photography, ceramics, fabrics and epoxy