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Photography (MA)

Yue Ning 宁越

Yue Ning (b.1999) is an experimental artist, writer, and photographer based in London. Her work involves moving images, installation, and publication. Touching and sensing the world with images and words, Ning fuses the 'real world' with the grotesque yet metaphorical and symbolic, capturing the complex sensuality of human emotions. 

Drawing on personal experiences, using photography which removes traditionally symbolic meanings between nature and human beings, her recent practice starts with the spatiality of memory. Those memories are delightful moments of death buried in beauty. The fluid, hidden, erotic, blurry, gentle, and intense complexities of human emotional memories are frozen in the prosperous page. "All the stories are happening at the same time because they never pass away."

Degree Details

School of Arts & HumanitiesPhotography (MA)RCA2023 at Truman Brewery

Truman Brewery, F Block, Ground, first and second floors

A chair leans against a bunch of poppy flowers.

Like a flower and akin to a chair.

I inhabit a realm beyond the present, perched upon the accumulated traces of the past. My current practice revolves around the interplay of memory and space, seeking to convey a certain feeling when memories are formed and recalled. In a familiar space, I experience my own past, and within an unfamiliar environment, I embrace the memories of others. 

A place not only occupies space but also encompasses time; just as memory exists not only in time but also possesses spatial dimension.

Breaking and reshaping. Observing, and exploring.


The world before my eyes unfold, and time's layers amassed. Behind the "present moment," there are numerous figures swaying—though they may be concealed, they truly exist. People and things that won't reappear often leave behind subtle traces—tangible and ingrained in memory. These are the origins of all stories and also the endings of stories in the "here and now".

all things stay
a cup of water hidden in a drawer

Flowing, secretive, still, perplexed, stop.


Oyster, resting in dreams.



negative film


Relax, like a river

Free to roam and stretch

Lying flat, limbs outstretched

On the stage of love, in the spotlight of tears

Amidst the applause of laughter

Forgetting the last second, stretching

Shedding fabric, like floating in the river

Limbs stretching, flowing with distant sunlight and spring breeze


a chair
another chair

Flowers blooming on me, stretching - - - —— -

Slowly stretching, freely stretching

I have the cold river and the flickering sunlight

Foundation and ahead



I'm not here, I'm underwater.