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Interior Design (MA)

Yue Sun

We live in a time of fast technological advancement, and each Internet breakthrough has a significant impact on people's lives. The delivery of knowledge has been revolutionised by technical advancements, from printing to television to the Internet. The medium is a metaphor, and the more direct transfer of information makes it more difficult for individuals to perceive "truth." The project predicts that by 2040, an immersive virtual world with the "Metaverse" as its basic framework will be the primary working, living, learning, and social environment for humans, and it analyses the influence of the virtual environment on people's cognition and perception of danger.


Yue Sun is a Beijing-based designer. He enjoys researching and learning about the connection between people's lifestyles and the environment. He also enjoys reading books on history and technology. He thinks that the living environment is dynamic, and that an appropriate environment has a significant positive impact on society, culture, and people's health.

He used to work at a design firm in Beijing, where he was involved with various commercial and residential projects. During his two years at RCA, he concentrated on design theory research and set his sights on the future of human life.

A sample of virtual world in 2040
future talk
J.R. Sun is a mateverse user in 2040
A speech from J.R who is a metaverse user to introduce what is happening in the virtual world in 2040
In 2040, Charleston House is one of the few sites that is unaffected by the virtual environment.
Using natural surroundings to make people have a better experience of real world.
Create a linear physical adventure journey in Charleston house, with the entire adventure taking place both inside and outside.
Press the button on right side wall to stop the revolving door for 15 seconds...then people can enter the building.
Every part of the journey has an entrance.
Part 01: VR experience
People can have a preview of the whole journey though the VR device here.
Part02: exploring. Challenge the balance of the human body and familiarize people with the boundaries of their physical bodies
The rotating walls allow people to experience the risks of light and noise in the real world
After completing the second part, people are familiar with the boundaries of their body and know how to control it. Next you need to exercise your body.
Feel the physiological changes of your body through outdoor physical training
Test whether people regain their perception of danger.
get to the ground floor and then you can finish the whole journey.
back home
back home and keep enjoying your life