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Fashion (MA)

Yuchun Huang

Yuchun Huang is a digital artist and accessory designer from China. Her expertise lies in creating works using 3D software. With a unique blend of subjective aesthetic and AI-generated order, she constructs visually pieces within a cohesive logical language framework.

Inspired by the microcosmic world and biology, her intertwines their intricacies to explore the relationship between randomness and inevitability in life. Her artwork offers a perspective on this dynamic interplay.

Her creative process revolves around presenting a comprehensive worldview rooted in a logical system. She excels at abstracting and digitising tangible objects, transforming them into symbolic representations of energy. These representations facilitate engaging visual interactions, drawing viewers into her art.Central to her artistic philosophy is the belief that every creation, be it physical or digital, possesses a unique energy signature. Leveraging software, she abstracts and conceptualises these energies, using them as the building blocks for designing sculptural works. Then combines sculptural and visual forms to build a system of worlds from the micro to the macro.

1082 / 3000


In modern society, the popularity of cyber religion among young people has caught my interest. They are practicing new types of e-religion through electronic moksha, e-worship and so on. Finding a way to vent their stress and create psychological beliefs in the digital world.

To explore the impact of the digital world on traditional cultural perceptions, this work uses the Buddhist theory of the five poisons and the logical system of the five elements as a medium of inspiration, creating electronic energy totems and physical models as visualization vehicles. By visualising the five energies, these exist in the digital and real world in the form of virtual particles of visible energy.

The aim of this work is to lead people to reflect on the boundaries between the real and the imaginary and the impact of the digital world on cultural perception. It seeks to evoke a reflection on the digital age, combining modern technology and philosophical thinking to re-examine important questions of faith, culture, and individual identity.

Visualisation of the five toxic energy particles. Capable of generating real-time interaction with the ambient human body through the camera.