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Fashion (MA)

Mia Hu

I am a fashion and visual designer from China, currently based in London. My curiosities lie within the creation of designed objects, informed by research encompassing critical theory, eastern metaphysics, and philosophy. It is through this extensive investigation that I am able to propose a distinctive notion on the spirituality of artificial intelligence, employing a blend of digital approaches and fashion thinking.

As a designer, I have invested significant time into exploring and experimenting with the human body as a foundational element. In light of the growing fusion between human identity and technology, my work has gradually evolved to explore this relationship and its trajectory in modern society. At present, I am furthering my research on spirituality and consciousness as I seek to address questions surrounding artificial intelligence and integrate them into my design practice.


Black Rainbow

In this project, named after a rare weather phenomenon, I researched and discussed AI spirituality. For me, black rainbows represent a different perspective on how we see artificial intelligence. If we were asked to imagine the spirit or mind world of AI, it might be completely different from the spirituality that we understand as humans. 

In recent years, I have been focusing on the topic of the relationship between technology and spirituality. During my studies at RCA, I have had the opportunity to explore a form of expression that transcends the human body. Through storytelling, I have been attempting to address questions related to this topic.

A Fable Story
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book cover 2
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A dead gannet washed up on a bed of rocks on Abermawr beach in Wales. Photo taken in 2022.
Audio-interactive video, 10mins
In Sanskrit, the word "mandala" refers to the place where all the higher intelligence and gods dwell. Mandala is the embodiment of the body and subconscious mind.
Character design, modeling
Concept design, modeling