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Design Products (MA)

Yuchao Lin

Yuchao Lin is an industrial designer and researcher who delves into exploring joyful, non-screen-based objects. Fuelled from neglected moments in life, he is pursuing the potential to make the physical world more vivid.



2017-2021: Industrial Design, College of Design and Innovation, Tongji University, China

2022-2023: Design Products, Royal College of Art, UK


Work Experience

2021-2022: Industrial Designer, Bull Group , Shanghai



Good Design Award Winner 2022

IF Award Winner 2022


Relaxo is my brand, which using whimsical customized handle components to entice home-based workers to escape from work mode, and help counteract the time deprivation caused by hybrid working. It satirizes the notion of a space overwhelmed by work, highlighting the loss of work life balance.

Starting from the exploration of our subconscious “end of work behaviors”, we invite customers who share similar experiences to label the subconscious actions of different customers. By adding existing functional modules from the product library or co-designing new features with customers, we generate custom "Relaxo Handles." These handles are tailored to meet unique needs by utilizing user-friendly kits that can be easily assembled at home or in a local workshop.

The combination of aluminium profile 2020 and 3D printing technology has been chosen. Aluminium profiles offer a wide range of assembly possibilities and provide significant structural strength. On the other hand, 3D printing enables rapid production of unique shapes and functional prototypes for testing. In the subsequent stages of small-scale production, it allows for mass replication through mold casting.

Relaxo is a community organization that helps remote workers better distinguish between work and personal life.

The concept of working remotely for two days a week is being increasingly embraced by both companies and individuals. However, when you find yourself instinctively replying to work emails from the moment you wake up, anxiously checking your work platform repeatedly during office hours even when there are no immediate tasks, and still remaining in your work space after shutting down your computer, things seem to be going awry.

Key part of the handle frame, the aluminium profile and the holder.
In the past, the transition from work mode to personal life was often buffered by a long commute. However, nowadays, we need faster and more efficient ways to navigate this transition period.
Users can discover unique touchpoint by using biodegradable wet wipes containing fluorescent powder provided by our community
Relaxo aims to assist users who struggle with this by identifying the touchpoint during the transition phase at home, uncovering their unique behaviors associated with these touchpoint.
gif of discovery
flow map shows how we provide the product after the discovery of touchpoint.
Then categorizing each individual's subconscious actions. It intentionally combines different modules that attract users' subconscious interactions, ultimately creating a customized "escape handle from work."
three customized handle using the frame of Relaxo


aluminum profile 2020, PLA.


Collection of texture,material, activity.
For a user who enjoys sunbathing at the foot of their bed while reading a book after work.
rainbow light for reader
Collection of texture,material, activity.
For a user who struggles to keep plants alive but still loves nature who always opens window just for two seconds break.
Moss Duressor for render
Collection of texture,material, activity.
For a user who wants to engage in bold physical activities during meeting breaks.
toyoga bell for render
gif for the


Tracing paper, Light, Arduino