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Design Products (MA)

Yingri Xu

Yingri Xu explores the intersections of design, art, and engineering, seeking the perfect balance between these disciplines. In the face of technological advancements and profound questions about civilization's trajectory, the focus centers around the choice between pursuing a higher social form or endless technological development.

The emphasis on future systemic innovation stems from a deep conviction that understanding the implications of emerging technologies on society and the economy is crucial for shaping a sustainable and harmonious future.

With a multidisciplinary background and insatiable curiosity, Yingri is dedicated to making a meaningful contribution to the evolution of human civilization. By combining creativity, critical thinking, and technical expertise, the goal is to navigate unexplored territories and drive positive change.


I firmly believe in the continuous evolution of human civilization, never succumbing to its demise. My utmost aspiration is to provide you with a glimpse of a future that fosters peace, equality, comfort, and environmental harmony.

As a perpetual explorer, I find myself frequently transitioning between the roles of designer, artist, and engineer, all in pursuit of discovering the perfect convergence. In an era marked by technological innovation and profound reflections on the state of civilization, we are faced with a critical question: Should we strive for a higher social paradigm or unremitting technological advancement? It is within this context that I have chosen to embark on the path of future systemic innovation, contemplating the profound impact of forthcoming technologies on our society and economy.

We currently find ourselves amidst an explosive growth in AI and robotics. Throughout this year, particularly during the initial stages of the Cybercommunity project, I witnessed AI surpassing my own capabilities with each passing day. I also observed a concerning trend where numerous "OpenAI" initiatives transformed into "ClosedAI" endeavours. The competition among technology companies and the inertia within policy-making processes appear to be aligning with the timelines outlined in my projects.

Allow me to pose a question to all of you: Have you felt a sense of anxiety this year? Are you apprehensive about the advent of AI? Returning to the core essence of my project, I aspire to alleviate such anxiety through my work. I remain optimistic that robotics and AI technologies will ultimately emancipate us from toil. Over the past few months, as I collaborated closely with AI and robots, I gained a glimmer of assurance in this belief. It is my ardent wish to convey this positive outlook on AI through my project, and I sincerely hope that you will discover your own utopia within the realm of my envisioned future.

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