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Interior Design (MA)

Yikai Wang

In 2023, I focus on the interaction between AI and the world.

Chatgpt and AI painting became the new darling of capital in early 2023. How can AI change the world, how can we face the challenges of AI and harness them?

I created an interactive future world using AI assistance. If all future work can be replaced by AI, will humanity move towards prosperity or destruction?

a man in a garden

Graduated from the Architecture Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2022

Space Design/Game Design/AI Artist/INTP

Explore the possibilities brought by all new technologies

World construction is usually the work of novelists or copywriters. However, with the help of ChatGPT, can anyone become a writer and creat their own world?
STEP1_IMPUTThrough 3D scanning, I created a digital backup of Charleston.
photo of workflow
STEP2_OPERATIONThe information of the newly created layout model based on 3D scanning data is input into the Stable Diffusion. The depth map generated by AI can control the spatial structure of the image, and the image generated by adjusting the prompt and parameters will serve as a guide for further deepening the design. The new refined model can be inputted into the Stable Diffusion iteration again and again until the final design.
STEP3_THINKINGThe pictures demonstrate the vast possibilities of AI, where thinking and choice have replaced design in this flood of information.
In the next 50 years, unemployed individuals who have been replaced by AI will be sent to the Charleston Transformation Center to train their ability not to be replaced by AI in the new world. However, AI has gradually replaced all human labor, and the world is divided into two worlds: the haves and have-nots. I designed a game to encourage players to interact with objects in the scene and explore this abandoned history.
Three types of visual information correspond to the future world of impoverished slums, the Charleston Transformation Center, and AI religion - a religion that believes that taking over government through artificial intelligence can bring a beautiful utopia. I named the story after Dante's divine song, using three different futures to correspond to hell, earth, and heaven.
Game Record *The current version is a beta version and does not represent the final quality of the game