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Interior Design (MA)

Yadi Chen

In 2050, with the rapid development of science and technology, higher education has undergone huge change. Following the pandemic and advances in AI, it has become the norm for people to take classes online and stay at home, leading to the disappearance of universities. At the same time, because of long-term home network learning, people's communication skills have slowly declined leading to psychological issues not conducive to future employment.

At this time, a new institute is born in reaction, which provides students with professional technical help and improved social and teamwork skills, through AI supported classes in real life. This takes place at the Paideia Institute, a new era of education at the site of Charleston House, Sussex.

This project asks how a sense of spatial scale and high-tech materials can be used to create a learning space for architecture students who need to socialize, and improve teamwork alongside the use of advanced machines.

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Yadi Chen, or Shandy, is an interior designer. She has a focus on the narrative of space and the possibility of multiple expressions of future space. She is curious about new things, with particular interest in biology and geography, and has a long-term and persistent exploration of the human body's physiology. She believes that with science and technological development human behaviors, patterns, lifestyles, and psychological states are all undergoing significant changes that must be reflected in design.

Paideia Institute-CafeThe cafe provides an area for students to mingle and socialize. The overall atmosphere of the space is that of the community, where people can communicate and share their ideas on the project in a more comfortable and relaxed way.
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Main HallThe space is located in the main hall on the first floor. Staggered Bridges facilitate students' shuttles through different workshops. The blocks placed on each split-level have different functions, providing students with the ability to complete their model display and meeting.
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Roof gardenIndividual study pods are placed in the sky garden, and students can make an appointment on the website to enter the pods to log in to the virtual classroom and study.
Individual study podsIndividual study pods can log in to the online virtual system for virtual classroom learning.
WorkshopThe electric glass controls the direction of the glass grille through the built-in wire mesh. When the system detects that the indoor carbon dioxide content is too high, it automatically opens and closes to form a screen, which can be used by students to demonstrate their work and hold meetings.
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Education history
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Study corner of Charleston House