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Interior Design (MA)

Yannan Chen


2018 - 2022 Hebei University-UCLan(University of Central Lancashire)

Bachelor of Art in Interior Design, ranked NO.1 in class

University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK Bachelor of arts with FIRST CLASS HONOURS having followed an approved honours programme in interior design.


Outstanding Prize for student group in the Second Creative Henan Art Design Competition( December, 2020)

Designed a lamp and won patent (Patent No. ZL202030341435.9, July, 2020 )

Excellence Award of Baoding division in North China of Beijing Cultural Creativity Design Competition(July, 2019)


Published an essay titled as “Analysis on the development trend of modern green building, taking Yang Jingwen's design works as an example” in magazine Science and Wealth( November, 2020)

Published an essay titled as “Application and influence of internet technology in new generation on catering industry -taking ‘plastic meal’ app as an example” in magazine Science and Wealth( May, 2020)

Published an essay titled as “Aesthetic effect of modern rammed earth architecture” in magazine Beautiful Brocade ( March, 2020)

Published an essay titled as “The influence of arts and crafts movement on design materials” in magazine Basic Level Construction( November, 2019)


2021-2021 Designer Assistant, Wancheng Civil Architectural Design Co., Ltd

2020 Team Leader, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program for College Students

Wuhan, China


How do you create a new community cultural centre for 374 families and 800 workers? 

The site was chosen for the ground floor of the Junction Box to reflect the equality of all. The equipment from the historic period has been lost from the existing Junction Box building, but the dilapidated pipes and instruments left in the building are a microcosm of the production work of the time.

In order to continue the historical culture and spirit of information and communication of the Siemens factory, these pipes serve as a medium for establishing communication between people in the new community and integrating them into the new community in various responsive ways.

Respond how to promote each person’s response in a community space, in order to bring us together? -Respond to the History -Respond to the Location -Respond to the Relationship -Respond to the Material
pipe language
<Pipe Language in 25 Bowater Road> Different piping languages express different spaces. For example, junction represents public space, no connection represents private space, pivot can be used to transform public and private space.
pipe characteristic
<Pipe Characteristic> How can we design a response that brings people closer together? Based on the two characteristics of the pipe, here are two ways. The first one is -Responding to others. Pipe journey is a maze space where people can feel their way through and get closer to each other. The second one is - responding to yourself. Pipe message is a way to talk about personal matters and is suitable for people who are shy or unable to communicate with others.
<Conceptual Drawing - Social Distance.Behavior.Circulation.> Relationships between people are divided into four parts according to distance. If we extend these, In the relationship between circles, many distances arise at the same time, and different distances produce different behaviours.
Siemens Factory's History
<Respond to the History>The Siemens factory has produced wires, cables, telephones, batteries and more. The community centre is a continuation of its values as a communications and information factory.
Siemens Factory
25 Bowater Rd
<Siemens Factory, 25 Bowater Rd, Totem-PIPE>
<Respond to the Location> Having summarised all the plumbing at 25 Bowater Rd, I found that the lower the floor, the more plumbing there is. Therefore, the ground floor with the most pipes was used as the area for building renovation.
<Respond to the Public - Pipe Bar>
<Respond to the Public - Pipe Bar> The two bars are common areas in the space. All the nodes, including the wine racks, barriers, wine conveyor belts etc. take the form of identical joints.
pipe journey
<Respond to the others - Pipe Journey>
<Respond to the others - Pipe Journey> Pipe journey is a labyrinth of space that brings people closer to each other. People are brought closer together by feeling their way through the maze. Pivot is an element that changes the distance between people.
pipe message
pipe message
<Respond to yourself - Pipe Message> Pipe message is a way to talk about personal matters, for people who are shy, or who can't communicate with others. By writing down your feelings of the moment and then transmitting them through a pipe to a place where the letters are hosted. It is also possible to read other people's messages at random, via buttons.
<Respond to the Surrounding - Pipe Exhibition>
<Respond to the Surrounding - Pipe Exhibition> The exhibition is used to showcase the affairs of the community and can attract people from the surrounding, while using the gaps to peek into the interior spaces.
Original Material - Venue Spirit
Using the three materials of the pipe as classification guidelines, the site materials will be divided into three parts.
site material/Continue
polyester fabric