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Design Products (MA)

Wiktoria Krukowska

Wiktoria is a product designer from Warsaw, Poland. In 2019 she graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Product Design from Central Saint Martins and pursued a career in furniture and interior design across Poland and Milan. Her work mainly focuses on lifestyle and the transition between art and design. 

Black and white picture of Wiktoria Krukowska

As a designer, I am fascinated by design’s aesthetic potential, as well as by its more vernacular uses. In my view, the work of designers begins outside of the studio as they observe how objects function in social relations and how they actively shape them. I am interested in examining the intersections between design and technology as well as intrigued by the overlaps and tensions between these two areas which I often try to include in my work. 

Delightful interactions refer to positive and enjoyable experiences between individuals who engage with one another. It implies that the interaction is pleasant, satisfying, and potentially uplifting for the participants involved. These interactions often bring about feelings of joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment. The term "delightful" suggests that the interaction goes beyond merely functional or satisfactory, creating a sense of delight or happiness for those involved. 

The project delves into the realm of enhancing object interaction by closely examining the characteristics of ASMR and experience design. By leveraging these tools, the aim is to craft a novel product that offers a heightened sense of joy during its usage.

Hand squeezing and turning colorful latex lamps
Hand squeezing and turning colorful latex lamps
Ring colorful latex lamps laying on the floor
Deflated latex colorful lamps laying on the floor
Ring colorful latex lamps laying on the side table
Ring blue latex lamp hold in hand