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Service Design (MA)

Tong Shen

As one of the UK's top economic contributors, the number of nightclubs has halved since 2019. This severe decay of the nightclub industry is a massive blow to the economy and negatively impacts the society, leading to the loss of social cohesion, decreased social well-being, and neglect of creative culture. 

This project aims to learn from the evolution of the nightclub industry, explore and innovative new clubbing experiences, break down mental barriers for the non-club-goers, and at the same time preserve the timeless, core values. 

As the project output, our goal is to expand the nightclub’s services by tailoring to the needs of the post-pandemic generation in order to attract and engage a broader audience, revitalizing the nightclub industry.

Degree Details

School of DesignService Design (MA)RCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Kensington, Stevens Building, Second and third floors

Girl hugging a red Shiba Inu dog laying on the ground, after an exhausted day.

I graduated from Pratt Institute with an honored degree in industrial design and am currently pursuing a Master's degree in service design at the Royal College of Art.

Communication and empathy are the solutions to any conflicts, with respect as the underlying value. To broaden my understanding of different social structures, I view each project or work experience as a journey to learn its specific 'language.' I have learned to communicate carefully with people on probation, to stay passionate with club-goers, and to maintain respect with my colleagues. By embracing diverse practices in various sectors, ranging from fashion to UI/UX, consultancy to cosmetics, and charities to start-ups, I refuse to be defined by a single label. My goal is to make a positive impact by reimagining the world through innovation. I continuously strive to find the balance between idealism and practicality as my guiding philosophy, building communication bridges and fostering empathy among different stakeholders.

We might not be in the greatest era right now, but we can still do the best.

We are, we are, the colors in the dark.