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Service Design (MA)

Mai-Thi Nguyen

Mai-Thi, a former hotelier turned multi-disciplined designer, is driven by a deep passion for human-conscious design and its profound impact on cultural hospitality. With an innate appreciation for the diverse heritages that shape our daily lives, she has embarked on a journey to explore the transformative power of cultural hospitality during her undergraduate studies in hospitality.

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Mai-Thi has gained a profound understanding of the significance of human behavior through design thinking which leads her to expand in service design. This specialization has allowed her to refine her skills in crafting experiences that prioritise human needs, while simultaneously celebrating the unique perspectives and traditions of diverse communities. Her ultimate ambition is to create immersive design experiences that not only preserve but also amplify the vibrancy of cultural heritage, enriching the lives of those who encounter them.

Project Title: Re/You by Mai-Thi Nguyen


Re/you is an immersive exploration of the nostalgic experience among second-generation Overseas Vietnamese, aiming to inspire a profound quest for identity and establish a sustainable, unapologetic connection to their rich heritage. This project invites individuals to embark on an intriguing journey of self-discovery, forging an authentic bond with their cultural roots within diaspora communities. By delving into the transformative power of nostalgia, Re/you offers a platform for individuals to embrace their heritage with pride and celebrate their unique journey of self-rediscovery.

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Launch Project
Sleep Zone


Sleepzone has been shortlisted as the top 12 projects of the Grand Challenge 2023.