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Animation (MA)

Tom Humphreys

Tom C. Humphreys is a freelance animator and illustrator sprouting from Worcestershire, UK. With a pandering towards gesture and dynamism, and a straight-ahead animation approach, his work wanders from silly cartoons to festival signage and mural work, more recently wiggling into commercial and documentary projects.

Prior to RCA, his graduation film Kords won the attention of many, with visuals that follow a man able to play his own veins like an instrument.

Upon graduating, he went on to work in music videos with local artists like Crywank and Loux, and short documentaries such as Crime: Bob and James for the BBC’s The Listening Project and The Door, an exploration of bouncers in Bristol.

In 2021, Tom was lead animator on the project The Other Side of Paradise, directed by Elliot Watson, a part-animated documentary film about a Kurdish refugee living in Bristol, and in 2022 he had the opportunity to work with Pinewood Studios director Tim Kent on his upcoming feature film Sparrow’s Call, creating its visceral and thrilling animated title sequence. 

Tom is currently based in London and working as a freelance animator in the ongoing production of animated segments for a Red Face Films biopic. He’s also working with animation as a performance, experimenting live alongside musicians at events and venues like White Noise and Fabrica Braco de Prata in Lisbon.

His future plans include creating a show for Edinburgh Fringe that incorporates live animation with acting.


Tom's work shares influence from Ralph Steadman, Ronald Searle and Picasso. His particular interest in geology and biology is also tangible in his animation, both in the digital and analogue techniques, connecting human anatomy, natural formations, and the fast-paced nature of the industrial world.



An operatic exercise in poor taste.  

A process of elimination, divination, and a sprinkle of silliness, a seat of meditation or distress.

Inhibition or freedom? Triumph. An attempt to reach a higher goal, a greater meaning.

A connection to whirlpools, hurricanes, and galaxies. The spiral and vortex.

The path that energy takes when left alone, the path that resolves conflict: The flush!


2D - Digital Animation
Zagazoom Short film about a Futurist & a Dadaist in a car.


So you're doing a University courseEmbodying voice project.