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Animation (MA)

Meng Qi

Giltar 213A melancholy, stylised animated short film about the damage that verbal violence brought to me.


Digital, RISO Print, Etching, Hand-drawing



Qi Meng is an animation artist focusing on visual development and art style, creating both 2D and 3D animated art content. As a second year MA Animation student at the RCA, he created the independent short film "Giltar 213". He has also animated a number of UE5 scenes and demos in his free time.

Qi Meng also worked in illustration and narrative animation, and a selection of his work from during his time at RCA is displayed on his Personal website.

Meng's talent and flair for the directorial dimension is revealed in his short films, with a deep understanding of the animation process and the pacing of the whole story. How to tell his story and tell the pain that everyone can understand and see but can't do anything about is his biggest challenge when making independent short films, but he finds great ways to tackle it.


After completing his graduation film at the RCA, Qi Meng will continue his artistic path as a visual arts development artist and freelance animation artist, and strive to show his own colours in the animation industry.

He has been offered internships with several film and animation companies from China and will be joining and working on a feature-length animation film in the coming months.

Music Pomposer (Collaborators)