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Animation (MA)

Stuti Bansal

Stuti Bansal, b.1998 is from India. She works with moving-image. Her interest is in relation between analogue methods of making images in relation to body and weathering. 

A person is tearing the film screen from behind

Animation is anything which is alive, a vase is alive if someone is watching it, only with the death of the viewer animation ends. 

I am interested in developing my work in the direction of archiving and relating it to weathering in geographic, physical and social terms. Using film as a medium to navigate.

Scenery of stones in Brompton Cemetery

What is waste & what is preserved?

Is noise a waste?

The work is visually interested in the collection of noise. Noise exists because the subject or object is physical and constantly transforming. 

In this moving-image work I have complied some of the photographs that document the weathered stones with lost names, in the Brompton Cemetery. In the video the song is sung by my father, it is an old Bollywood song which is about the melancholy of life.

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In Loving memory of




5cm x 6cm

How I’m moving/How they react/How they affect my movement

Our relation with material is always changing with time, both individually and socially.

How can I reduce my control over the material so the material can say more.

I started to do repetitive action, my body became invisible - machine like.

Everyday I EatA film I made in 2022. The work is about relation.


Flour dough and Ink