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Animation (MA)

黄山 Shan Huang

Shan Huang was born in Hunan Province, China. She currently lives in London. She received the Outstanding Graduate Honours in Digital Media Art from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, China, in 2021. She then studied at the Royal College of Art in the Department of Animation for her MA. She is currently exploring and refining her practice there.

With a growing interest in psychology, sociology, philosophy and multimedia, this artist thinks and creates experimental works by merging multiple disciplines and technologies such as painting; 3D animation; and virtual reality. Her work has been exhibited in Beijing, China; Brazil; and London, UK.

Shan's profile image. She is standing in woods

Shan Huang is particularly interested in the intuition of painting and the poetics of digital matter. Her main exploration at undergraduate level was interactive narratives in virtual reality space. Taking her personal experiences as a starting point, she explores the relationship between emotion, memory and time through virtual reality. At the same time, she uses drawing and hand-drawn animation as a way to reconcile with herself and explore the intuitive and subconscious. She thus organically combines these two components in her creative process.

Since her MA, she has been interested in the space itself in which we live; poetic space; the interaction between body and space. More recently, her research has focused on the interaction and affective relationship between body and space in virtual reality. The aim is to amplify the impact of the environment on the psyche and action through virtual reality spaces, evoking our perception of the neglected vicinity. The project is experimental in nature and thus attempts to break away from familiar structures and narratives, a challenge to traditional approaches.

Some of her work is time-based linear animation. However, in her attempts to explore interactive narratives, she has experienced the charm of 'play'. In this case, 'play' is an experiment in destruction and reorganisation. Thus, she has decided to shift her research to explore works that incorporate a more interactive and playful experience, and are more suited to the gallery space.

Trailer of Restless Room

About Restless Room | 关于不安的房间




Restless Room is an experience in a virtual space (VR) in which participants can interact with the space. Here the space carries its memories. And the person experiencing the space is the witness to its existence, the one who talks to it.

In this space, the participant passes through a long corridor to a room in which there are “surprises” hidden in various corners that are waiting to be discovered, which are triggered by touching objects with the joystick. There are sounds, actions and trigger points to the other four rooms, which are like four fragments of a life journey and four memories.

Motivation and the image of HOME | 家的空间




From the various moves and relocations I experienced as a child, from one place to another, there never seemed to be any stopping. As a result, the space that everyone misses as ‘home’ has become a vague and ambiguous concept to me. It is a space for storage, like a drawer, with a hard and stable shape. It is also a place to rest when its lines take on the shape of a soft, curved quilt. It is a space for gathering sounds, in which we allow them to cross each other, isolating the outside as much as possible. It can also be the shape of temperature staining the skin. The house has undergone modifications and migrations, and it has lost a definite image, but perhaps it should not have had a fixed image in the first place, because everything is already in flux. Flux is indifferent, the sand in the hand that cannot be kept. The echoes in the heart of a dialogue with space are not indifferent.

So coming to a new home in London triggered these internal reverberations of my past and present interactions with space, and I wanted to use virtual reality to amplify this experience of interaction with space.

Exhibition Information | 展览信息

This work will be exhibited to the public at:

Place: The Truman Brewery, F Block, 2nd Floor - S4, 91 Brick Lane, London E16QL

Time: 13 July - 16 July 2023

living room scene, a character is sitting there waiting for someone
A corridor scene with a charater walking in front.
A kitchen scene with five characters standing around.
a dark huge space with a character in it, and there are huge bags hang above.


Digital/ 数字媒介


Mutable/ 可变; 10-20mins
Mountain A mud person who wants to be water.