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Interior Design (MA)

Shuyu Li

Interior Designer.

Graduated from Kingston University and am currently studying at the Royal College of Art.

Shuyu Li is a passionate interior designer with a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of materials and people's behaviour in interior spaces. With unwavering ambition, she tirelessly studies and explores various materials, uncovering their potential to create immersive and transformative environments. Combining creativity and practicality, Shuyu crafts bespoke designs that reflect the unique personalities and desires of clients, resulting in captivating and functional spaces.


"You understand why we ride a piece of wood?

Why do we push on just a piece of wood?

what that does to somebody's spirit.

Just try to keep a positive attitude. "

Ride The Gap, as the name for this project suggests, deviates from an examination of the process of 'cutting' wood and instead draws a similar parallel in the underlying structure of the host building. It recognizes skateboarders as a marginalized group in society due to prevailing biases. The aim of the project is to foster inclusivity by incorporating street culture into the heart of the new residential development, thereby integrating the predominantly adolescent skateboarder community.

Ride the Gap It is a place where you can forget who you are and just push that little piece of wood.

Push that little piece of wood

As a place where Fun is bigger than Safe, 

as a place where people break social boundaries,

where parents drop off their kids and have a nice cup of coffee,

where local artists hang out on Friday nights,

and most importantly,

It is a place where you can forget who you are and just push that little piece of wood. 


a rending standing on the ground floor and looking at the cafe
Play the Landscape
a rending standing on the first floor
ground floor
ground floor