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Interior Design (MA)

Xi(Sherry) Kang

We are now in the year 2052 which is the tipping point of the climate crisis. This year we reached some common ideas about giving back the land to nature to really recognise that the “Disasters” we called are just a cycle of nature and “Barriers” shouldn’t be the only solution that keeps us safe.

DF lab is focusing on the East Sussex flooding situation. Our lab invented “W-floor” prototypes that can be suited to different space usage conditions that may be affected by the flood. Our design aims to promote a more resilient and sustainable approach to flood management by allowing floodwater to pass through interior spaces, rather than blocking its pathway with closed doors. Our goal is to create a self-sustainable housing solution that enables people to stay in their homes during floods, reducing the need for costly and disruptive evacuations to shelters or other locations.


Hi, I am an interior designer from China. Interior design to me is about finding balance. The balance between the designer and the user, the interior and the exterior, the individual and the group, the sensual and the rational. I am willing to find a balance in my continuous practice to add value to our daily lives.

I completed my bachelor degree in OCAD University Interior design program in Toronto. Currently studying my postgraduate at Royal College of Art.

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