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Interior Design (MA)

Qingyu Tian

2043—In a world where human life can be gestated by machine - how might we (re)design the experience of ‘pregnancy’ and ‘birth’ for all human beings?

Body Without Organs

“When you will have made him a body without organs, then you will have delivered him from all his automatic reactions and restored him to his true freedom.”——Antonin Artaud

The "body without organs" (BWO) refers to a state of existence or becoming that challenges conventional forms of organization and structure. In 2043, BOW will become the name of a machine surrogacy center, appearing in Charleston, which is a conceptual space where desire and creative potential can be unleashed, liberated from societal norms. The BWO is characterized by a fluidity, a multiplicity of connections, and an openness to constant change.



Qingyu Tian did her undergraduate studies at the University of the Arts London.

She did postgraduate study at the Royal College of Art.


She cultivated her experience in technology companies, where she runs the iterative development of metaverse projects. Her notable collaborations include the automotive company Faraday Future and the innovative digital agency Social-touch.

What sets her apart is her specialization in the convergence of diverse disciplines. For this particular project, she integrated elements of interior design and business strategy methodologies to create a comprehensive design solution.

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A man in Charleston


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