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Design Products (MA)

Sha-Wen Liu

Game Purpose

My board game, “Mycosmic Connections,” draws inspiration from the profound link between queer identities and the world of mushrooms, challenging mycophobia and celebrating the power of queer mycology. Inspired by Smallhold, pioneers in sustainable mushroom farming and advocates of embracing queerness, I have created a game that transcends boundaries, fosters inclusivity, and encourages ‘play’ as to explore the unique interplay between queer experiences and the transformative nature of mushrooms, and old folklore stories.

60 degree


Prints, acrylic, paper, wood, metal


Moon dice
Moon dice.

Sarah (Sha-Wen LIu) is a Taiwanese product-based muti-disciplinary designer interested in exploring gender fluidity via design and art practices. Formally a student-athlete & insect farming unit designer. Using tactile interactions and micro observations as inspirations is one of the critical factors in their expertise.

orange barbie photo
Life is a game, spend your health points somewhere worth it.

-Every wise gaming person

As a designer, my main focus is on exploring playfulness in design. I place great emphasis on the interplay between expressiveness and instrumentality. By delving into the essence of play, we can reshape the rigid structures of ideology into dynamic, living entities. This transformation cultivates a fluid identity that enables us to micro-observe interactions in both humans and nature. Our heightened sensitivity and tender understanding of our surroundings allow us to create a more compassionate and empathetic environment. In these times of uncertainty, the world craves just such an environment. By embracing playfulness and infusing it into our designs, we unlock a realm of limitless possibilities. This fosters a harmonious coexistence that transcends boundaries and nurtures the collective spirit of humanity.

The Ministry of Education (MOE) Taiwan Scholarship Program

I want to express my gratitude to Taiwan MOE for sponsoring my studies this year. Without the opportunity you provided, I wouldn't have been able to achieve this. Thank you so much.