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Contemporary Art Practice (MA)

Roxy Hong

Roxy Ruoxi Hong(若曦)is currently based in London. Her practice explores the complexity of the human psyche through physical and improvisational techniques. Centred on the absurd, it allows her to delve into uncharted territory and reassess the current nuances of individual subjectivity as well as existing values and psychological desires. Her work often touches on themes such as bodily boundaries, the female psyche, the individual and collective body, and provocative imagery.


Contemporary Art Practice,Royal College of Art , London

New Media, China Academy of Art, Hang zhou

By alienating and abstracting everyday scenes, the work looks back at the standards of standardised processes.

RH's work explores the complexity of human sensation in relation to the boundaries of the body and questions the collective iteration of the social body constituted by the current expansion of new media technologies and biological sciences. Attempting to begin with the utopia of the forest as a way to seek out ways in which the sensory proportions of psychological and social perspectives can be controlled. By alienating and abstracting everyday scenes, the work looks back at the standards of standardised processes - are we trapped in a certain form?

The work also exposes the hidden body and maps the discrete connections of the senses to reveal the unseen structures of influence. An atmosphere of strangeness is created, where materials, forms and ideas merge. Soft limbs, dreamy glossy artefacts and forest will come together to create a sense of intimacy and solidarity, introducing a collective feeling to the institution. The role played by new media technologies and digital algorithms on the body is not to entertain, but to confirm its corporeality.

As we walk the 'forest trail' again, it offers a way to re-learn our subjective 'history' and emotions, and to take a second look at something that has not yet been brought to our attention because of its ubiquity - the imagination of the senses.

Please bend down and listen
Please bend down The scale of the objects I realise is directly related to my body, by attempting to generate a powerful sense of intimacy and solidarity through the amplification of the physical senses.




40cm x 40cm
Video still frames

Chapter 2

The film will be released to the public on 1 July.

If you are unable to attend the offline exhibition and would like to watch the full film, please do not hesitate to contact me and I would like to share with you the link to watch it online.

In Greek mythology the youth Narcissus numbs his perception through the mirror's extension of himself, until he becomes a serving machine for his own extended or repeated image.

The protagonists reenact the dance of the forest, constantly broken, reorganised and torn apart in the process of identifying themselves as mirror images of each other, trying to fit in with their surroundings and blurring the boundaries between self and environment, eventually going numb.

Video still frames
Video still frames
Video still frames
Video still frames
Video still frames
Video still frames
Cast & crew list
Cast & crew list Thanks to all!