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Contemporary Art Practice (MA)

Ruishuke Chen

Artwork - plant-like mechanical sculpture: The mechanical plants are assembled from fully 3D printed parts and driven by servos. It can simulate the growth, reproduction, and seeding of plants in the real world, and simulate the transmission of chemical signals such as fragrant aroma. 

When plants become extinct on a mass scale, "plant-like organisms" can still provide records of plants in a mechanical way, representing the behavior of plants such as opening and closing, bending, etc.

Redefine the new world and the developing boundaries through mechanical products and real life.


A filmmaker, a photographer, a performance artist, an industrial visionary

moving image
Launch Project
Energy flowIt tells the story of how wind reminds urban residents about the natural energy of the primitive wild. The memory of its feeling is buried in our bodies.
moving image
Launch Project
UnboundedA performance of my raw action about growing, exploring, discovering, hurting, original, and seeking.
Righteous ThoughtsThe script tells the story of a young monk who is manipulated step by step by his master to become a killing machine in order to pursue the so-called "righteous thoughts" in the age of doom and panic. (Adapted from a true story).
BoundaryThe artwork is the basic frame of a theatrical stage. Through the 3-story rotating site, the capacity of the theatrical stage background is expanded, so that the scene can be switched flexibly in the same space.


wood,metal,plastic,screw,motor,steering gear,fishing line.


160 x 40 x 50