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Fashion (MA)

Runqiu Xia

RUNQIU XIA is an audiovisual artist and fashion designer. With a strong background in fashion and visual design, he explores a wide range of mediums, including video art, live immersive experiences, live performances, virtual reality, and graphic design. His artistic creations focus on the themes of the universe, biology, space, mysticism, and the fusion of fashion and visual arts, resulting in a unique and captivating artistic expression. His visually stunning works have been showcased in exhibitions and public spaces, including notable events such as 'Future Cave: Queering Boundaries' and OUGANNSYOU. His work has also been featured in the inaugural issue of

Degree Details

School of DesignFashion (MA)DigitalRCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Battersea, Studio Building, Ground and First floors


The starlight whispers its ancient tale across the timeless void,

In a secret language of the cosmos, by faith and science employed.

As galaxies echo the divine hymn of creation,

We find ourselves entwined in a cosmic narration,

Woven on the eternal loom of space and time.

Science and belief in a cosmic dance entwine,

Each human heartbeat mirrors a distant star,

Each soul reflects a universe afar,

In the grand cosmic tapestry of life, beautifully unfurled,

We trace our origins to the farthest corners of the world.

"Inspired by films such as 'The Brain Hack' and 'I Origins', 'Dimensional Shift' is an immersive digital art experience that transcends the boundaries of science, faith, art, and mysticism, embarking on an extraordinary journey through dimensions. Through the ingenious use of advanced projection technology, this project translates abstract concepts from these films into visually captivating narratives that encapsulate the intricate complexities of the universe and human civilization. By defying conventional understanding, it not only encourages deeper exploration but also fosters a balanced perception of these diverse aspects. In this remarkable visual odyssey, scientific inquiry, spiritual introspection, artistic expression, and the inexplicable converge, inviting the audience on an enchanting journey of contemplation and discovery."

Divine Proportions‘Geometry is one and eternal, shining in the mind of God. That share in it accorded to humans is one of the reasons that humanity is the image of God.’

An Intersection of Science, Faith, Art, and Mysticism

Dimensional Shift is an immersive digital art experience that elucidates the enigmas of the cosmos through the lens of science, reinforces the value of life through faith, and mirrors human emotions and dreams through artistic expression. This project also looks at religion, providing moral guidance and spiritual solace, as it integrates these diverse aspects to construct a journey of discovery and contemplation.

Embracing the unknown with an open mind, this experience explores the potential fusion of science with faith, and art with religion. The goal is not to blur the lines, but to expand the scope of each field and interconnect them. By considering these dimensions together rather than as separate entities, we facilitate a holistic comprehension of human civilization. Through this digital journey, audiences are encouraged to reflect on the profound interconnectedness of our existence and the universe around us.While maintaining an open mind when confronted with the unknown, exploring the potential integration of science and faith, as well as art and religion, may prove beneficial in broadening the horizons of each discipline. By examining these elements together, rather than as separate entities, we can foster a more comprehensive understanding of human civilization.

It presents an immersive exploration of life, nature, rebirth, and particles, situated within a tangible reality and profound symbolism. It challenges traditional perspectives on life and death, inviting viewers to contemplate the cyclical nature of existence and the unending dance of particles. The tombstone, a stark reminder of mortality, serves as a symbol of the universe's perpetual cycles.

A Glimpse of the Future Ritual | Womb , Sympathetic Nervous System ,Cyborg

Looking outward into the world from the perspective of the womb: exploring technology, the body, spirituality, and the energy of life, experiencing how the sympathetic nervous system tears through the boundaries of matter in a ritualistic scenario. The intersection of ancient spiritual practices and future rituals is explored in a non-linear expression through ambient electronic music, generative digital moving images, and 3D printing technology, connected by interactive programming. Cyborg's body carries a mix of identities. Human, machine, and beast combined: summoning otherworldly energy to surrender spirits. Post-Anthropocene debris creates Stone Age electronic lullabies and non-dualistic technological allegories.


JING XU Dancer/Wearable device designer

JIYUN XIA Sound artist

SHIZUO HE Cinematographer