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Fashion (MA)



We are the creators as well as the original inhabitants of this world, and we can define "who we are". Digital Fashion is an external organ, becoming an infinite extension to the desire of humankind. It gives us possibilities of exploring the human body, subconsciousness and the status-quo of human existence. By refining and integrating our unique perspective on the world, our works generate the “armour” of the future body.

This "creation" approach implies a great probability, which endows fashion with intrinsic kinetic energy that affords it to evolve like a type of organism through interdisciplinary interpretation and iteration of technology and culture. Its tentacles continue to spread, and its territory continues to expand, ultimately correcting itself in a prolonged process of growth, displaying incredible resilience and vitality.

In the past year, our perception and sensory experience of space, time, screen and image have changed and adapted. The mechanism of garments and accessories produces new meaning and new space for wearing, allowing human figures to cross between reality and the surreal world. In our works, we break physical laws and conventional links, construct our subconsciousness into a structural system with tension, and establish a new order in fashion design contrary to ordinary experiences.

In this world, we put another life force into fashion to show the strong desire for change and vitality of the living body, creating a real "unreal".

Text by Shan Han & Dominic Wang RCA FASHION MA 2022 alumni network.

Image Credit: Yongman Li