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Fashion (MA)

Nenghao He

Walk around in the VR space
Audio visual
The world after being digital


VR headset, unity


Anyone interested can download and play the game via the link below:
Game process after being digital
process and sence


Bitsy Game Maker by Ledoux

If the purpose of human existence is to pass on its own DNA, then in the end what is left will be a selection of perfect genes. But all this is like a deduction carried out by an unknown force. Once the deduction is unsuccessful, it will be overturned and start to evolve from the most basic life. It makes one wonder if the mass extinction experienced on Earth was the work of this force.

This game will continue until the perfect gene is evolved, and humans are just a simulator in the game. But now that simulation calculus is broken, we can choose to intervene or perpetuate the inheritance of genes.

With the emergence and popularization of digitization, everything can be digitized, which also includes our consciousness. This allows our consciousness to be passed on, so genes are discarded in the process. Does this mean that we can get rid of the identity of "simulator" and reshape the human self through data.

3D scan model about me

People can feel tired, they can wander, they can forget, and they can also become hungry, angry, sexually aroused, etc. as a result of the expression of their genes. These are not controlled by others, all unconsciously can happen. The protagonist feels fear, and this is also due to the genes at work. He wants to break free from this body because he does not feel free mentally. He is trying to escape from this identity as a DNA simulator or to escape the control of his genes. He decided to digitalize of his consciousness. However, he only went from being compiled by DNA to being compiled by "0" and "1". He was always controlled by a rule and never truly free.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with the God in the beginning.——1, John1 King James Version(KJV)