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Fashion (MA)

Rongfeng Xiao

Rongfeng Xiao is a concept designer and fashion designer with a wide range of interests. He often attempts the cross-field collaboration and horizontal metaphors of concept in his work.

The "A Wave” project is his attempt in the field of game design and interaction design. He brings together technical studios, academic organisations, and the media to create a relaxed social space for people who participate in and experience the interactive works, especially those with social anxiety. In "A Wave," people uses colour as identity to experience the energy of the group with a high degree of freedom.

The first logo of the work.

"A Wave" was inspired by the designer's observation of the flocks of birds. Groups become flexible and attractive through a chain reaction between individuals. The designer found a similar chain reaction element in colour and tried to let more people experience the group by designing a digital interactive work.

Creativity, cooperation and confrontation are the three core words of "A Wave," three concepts that are related in pairs and influence each other. On a large digital canvas, users can leave their own colours and interact with others. On the site, users are given extreme freedom to create patterns or, like a multiplayer version of Go, choose "sides" freely and strive to be a stronger group.

Designers focus on the design of the experience of this interactive activities, especially set up a series of measures to help socially anxious groups integrate into social activities. Users can visit the personal page in the process to find themselves and their community on a planet of colours. In the “Space” page which associated with the canvas, people can also take some time to immerse theirselves in the movement and energy of the group.

Fragment of main page(colouring filling in page)
The designer saw the game as a relaxing social space. As a game, its rules are simple, people just need to fill in the circles on the canvas with their colours. Simple rules also lead to greater freedom. Under the rule of "similar colours," many participants are chained together like individuals in a flock. Simple rules also lead to greater freedom.
Fragment of statement page 1 (concept and process)
Fragment of statement page 2 (concept and process)
Fragment of statement page 3 (concept and process)
Fragment of statement page 4 (concept and process)
Fragment of personal page
Fragment of personal page with colour planet
Fragment of the space page 2
Fragment of the space page 1
Fragment of the space page 3 (close-up)
Fragment of the space page 4