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Design Products (MA)

Rohan Sahay

Rohan Sahay is a London-based product designer, graduating from the Royal College of Art, in 2023. He did his bachelor's back in India and has a strong background in Industrial design. He is passionate about the unconventional element that can not only make the product very exciting but also better than the existing solutions. As a Product Designer with 2 years of experience in creating concepts and solutions spanning disciplines such as Industrial design, sustainable design, and Interior design, he has grown to be a skilled multi-disciplinary designer.

A person sitting on a high chair facing towards camera

I believe design is a space where creativity is expressed with an understanding of functionality. An enthusiastic individual experienced in transforming concepts and ideas into a detailed prototypes. Offering an engaging and pleasant personality with expertise in implementing best design practices.

Biomaterial composite based headset and touch panels
Biomaterial composite based headset and touch panels being used by a person
Biomaterial composite based headset and touch panels being used by a person
Biomaterial composite based headset
Touch panel
Touch panel
Touch panel
Touch panel

Concept note

A bio-based headgear and touch panels that immerses you in a soothing experience by isolating all of your senses and combining the sensory elements of touch, sight, and sound. By catering to these elements, it brings a deeper sense of relaxation and emotional balance and also helps reduce stress and improve overall well-being. Incorporating this biophilic product into office spaces can help improve overall health and wellbeing.

These 4 panels represents four elements of nature: Fire, Earth, Air, Water. They are inspired by the sacred geometries called Platonic solids that represents these elements. These panels when interacted by the user produces sounds linked to these natural elements directly into the headgear giving a sense of connection to the nature by combining different sensory experience.

Biozen is a meditation tool for the office spaces where people who are usually surrounded by synthetic materials can experience a nature's touch. The product itself is modular and made in different parts where panels and the headgear can be taken apart from the base. Even, the base is foldable so that it takes up less space when not in use. This assembly and disassembly also allows user to emotionally dive into the process of meditational practice.