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Design Products (MA)

Parke Namchaisiri

I'm Parke Namchaisiri, a product designer from Thailand. My passion for product design led me to pursue a bachelor's degree in industrial design. During my studies, I had the invaluable opportunity to intern at Shakes BKK, a renowned design agency based in Bangkok that caters to numerous international clients.

Upon graduating from university, I sought to further develop my skills and expertise by joining Cordesign Studio, one of Thailand's top industrial design agencies. The company has allowed me to gain a diverse range of experiences in a multicultural work environment, as well as apply design methodologies to real-life situations.

After dedicating two years to design agencies, I made the decision to venture into freelance work. Teaming up with some of my friends from college, I focused on designing interiors and furniture specifically tailored for the hospitality industry in Thailand.

Thai, man, 25 years old, with short hair wearing a black sweater.

Through my professional journey, I have developed a comprehensive understanding of the process involved in creating things, starting from the initial concept to the final manufacturing stage. I have acquired skills in effectively working with clients from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds, fostering successful collaborations.

The constant desire to create designs that enhance both the aesthetic and functional aspects of products and space drives me to pursue and forward my skills to a higher level. I am determined to attain a higher apprehension and skills to design products that could serve the user a remarkable experience.

diagram of how furniture change through time by repairment

When it comes to fixing furniture, the usual aim is to restore it to its original appearance. However, this new approach to making and repairing furniture leaves a distinctive mark by using joints taken from the furniture itself. This process simplifies furniture repair, allowing users to fix it using basic hand tools, instead of creating a completely new piece.

This dynamic feature gives rise to a captivating aesthetic that continually evolves, embracing the concept of natural degradation. Over time, the piece undergoes a transformation, showcasing changing forms and patterns. The result is a truly unique and captivating artwork that forges a special relationship with the user. It becomes a one-of-a-kind creation, slowly sculpted and shaped by the passage of time.

prototypes, form exploration
furniture in full piece perspective angle
back view
detail form side
seat detial
joint detailed
cutting joint piece by chopsaw
joint pieces cut from the chair surface
chair detail in the middle