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Service Design (MA)

Ming Chen

Society has a misunderstanding that women with hair loss are often seen as stressed, unhealthy, or unattractive. And this social stigma inevitably puts a mental burden on women with alopecia.

Hairless&Fearless leverage peer support to foster a loving community to share information and positivity, and we provide multi-channels of support and campaign to raise awareness of the wider society. We are here to change attitudes towards hair loss, with a mission to show how we are all beautiful, no matter how much hair we may have. We care, inspire, and educate everyone about alopecia every day.

Partners: LUSH, Alopecia UK


Ming Chen is a detail-oriented and problem-driven UX designer with a passion for social impact and human interaction. After graduating from Tongji University in China with a BEng degree in Industrial Design, he extends his interests to Service Design with holistic and systemic thinking, with a focus on how design innovation can take a lean approach to zero in on solutions through interfaces, products, and invisible services.

As a designer, he wishes to seize this opportunity and contribute towards transforming the role of design in corporates from just a function to part of the organizational culture. He now situates his design practice at the intersection of experiences, narratives, business, and strategy in both the physical and digital realms.

How to break society’s negative perception towards inborn physical features of minorities?
The external pressure from the social connections give no room for women with alopecia to freely express who they are, and cause
We are here to change attitudes towards hair loss, with a mission to show how we are all beautiful.
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