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Contemporary Art Practice (MA)

Meeting rivers Duo

C# is a film project created by female duo Meeting rivers, from Lithuania and Iran. 

This experimental short film collects footages recorded in various countries and materialises as a journey of displacements.

The film employs the use of metaphor and allegory to craft a complex, non-linear and abstract narrative. This is illustrated when protagonist describes how the sitar instrument is made from a pumpkin that was grown from a seed. The connection between the earth, the seed and the sound it makes!

It features no synchronised sound, but instead ties the various segments together with voice-over narration, field recordings and music. The protagonist is creating a vision in order to review the liberation of both nature and women from oppression.

Csharp, note, musical theory

Meeting rivers duo practise materialises through 2 screen video work and a soundscape.

They are working with footages shot on super 8 and 16mm films, employing alternative image making processes, working with archive material, recorded soundtracks and written texts. Their practise includes their own produced music tracks in collaboration with other artists.

They originally started the course at RCA as a duo. Later one of them faced with unforeseen political and economical circumstances, was obliged to leave the course and consequently lost her residency rights in the UK.

This development meant they continued their work over distance, which resulted in the film being shot in number of locations such as India, Italy (Sardinia), Germany (Berlin), Lithuania.

The world stretching between the ongoing conflict of never ending bipolarities. The Terms of 'Mediation' is becoming an Urgency to create the undefined image of peace.

exert from the film
archive footage exert
landscape witnessing woman looking
carpet archive performance
planting growing women farmers