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Contemporary Art Practice (MA)

Blake Hart-Wilson

side image of work
Angled view of side and door
close up image of work


"The ultimate, hidden truth of the world is that it is something that we make, and could just as easily make differently"

David Graeber

All That’s Solid, Melts Into Air is a Gesamtkunstwerk; sculpture, painting, moving image and performance combine to form a new process. 

A process through which the viewer both passes through and is participant.  

A process that for each person is solitary and unique. 

An experience of negative capability.


Mixed media sculpture


220 x 207 x 257 cm
hero image of the work
Angled image of the work
front on image, dark view


Duraclear Print & Medical Lightbox, 2023


72cm x 55 cm x 14 cm
Still from video
Film Still
Film Excerpt


An installation about power, cause and effect; an attempt to render it palpable, tangible, tactile. Power, or energy, is by its very essence untouchable. Even those "in power" can only metaphorically hold or grasp it - in actuality it remains tantalisingly abstract. We can only see and touch the mass on which it operates but that's as close as we can get. 


Installation: Swedish Marble, Lectern, Microphones, Projected HD Digital Video with Audio


Varies, 3:59 Film Duration
Alien (Alien) - excerpt
Alien (Alien) - Still
Alien (Alien) - Still
Alien (Alien) - Still
Alien (Alien) - Still


A distortion of Ridley Scott's 1979 original film. A temporal re-mapping, making for a dreamlike inversion, a recoded corruption, familiar yet other; déjà vu meets véjà du.


HD Digital Video with Audio, 2023


Wide shot of the installation
All Said and Done
Close up shot
All Said and Done - detail view
Closer up shot
All Said and Done - detail view


Sculpture - silicon, rubble, portable lights, extension cable, iPhone, 2022


Approx 1.5m x 1m x 1.5m

Blake Hart-Wilson (b.1981, Lancaster, UK) is a London-based artist, DJ and filmmaker whose work spans sculpture, installation, painting, photography, performance, narrative film, video art and documentary. He previously studied Architecture at Edinburgh College of Art before dropping out to become a DJ and VJ (Video Performance Artist) before moving into the fields of art and film via a career in advertising.

His work has been shown at galleries and festivals including The Royal Academy, Tate Modern and Sheffield Doc Fest.

A full CV can be viewed here.

Image of the artist in his studio

“Don't concentrate on the finger or you'll miss all the heavenly glory”

Bruce Lee 

The hands must keep moving, the mind panoramic and above, the rest will come. I follow my nose, knowledge through action; informed by whisper, rumour and supposition.

Perception is everything, each our own personal realities and then the broader concord of society. Objectivity, evidence and scrutiny only have meaning if we decide they do.

The inexorable draw of logic and reason must be resisted at all costs. There is no space or time for that here; only instinct, the move towards negative capability.

Feeling, tone, and affect are my waymarkers - a heightening of the senses. The comedic, too; we often resort to laughter when confronted with the radical or absurd, so this frequently serves as validation, as litmus test.

Everything is everything, and everything leads to entropy. So why not let go, embrace the inevitable and get a head start?

Medium agnostic, the ideas dictate the actualities, I am as much a cognitive editor as anything else. These ideas are relentless and unbidden; everything, everything, all at once, an unwavering torrent, which ones to pursue is the question.

Throughout all my work is a recurrence of breaking down the rational, confronting the orthodox, all the while filtered through the random.