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Design Products (MA)

Manyue Wang

Manyue Wang is a product designer from China. She believes that products are the link between people and the real world, which helps us feel, reflect, and explore the real world of existence. During undergraduate study, I majored in traditional creative design, focusing on finding cultural context in traditional cultural relics and creation methods, and seeking transformation and rebirth of tradition in the current context. Therefore, she has always focused on designing projects from a cultural background and starting from life. The research on traditional craftsmanship and its materials has always been a part of her project's focus. She usually considers using traditional processes in the production and final output form of the product.


  • Central Academy of Fine Arts (China) - BA Design Products
  • Royal College of Art - MA Design Products

Rewoven Memory

The 'essence of existence' refers to the separation of objects from their intended use, no longer being carpets, tables, or small furnishings, but rather a reflection on the owner's subject.

-System of Things Jean Baudrillard

Almost every child in China will receive at least one sweater knitted by a female elder in the family, which embodies the love of the elder for their children. In my childhood, almost all the sweaters came from my mother. Nowadays, such sweaters will be put on hold because of their special emotional significance. People usually do not easily discard them, but there is no chance of using them again.

I aim to upgrade and rebuild old sweaters in order to establish an emotional waste transformation approach and achieve visual representation of user emotions. In order to extend the service life of products, achieve sustainable development of waste products, and explore the contradictions and emotions in contemporary Chinese family ethics.

This work consists of three parts: imitation and growth、fetters、conflict and understanding.

The wool is wrapped in clay and shaped by weaving. After firing, the soft and degradable wool becomes a hard and permanent ceramic, just like memories are permanently preserved.

Many objects are not specimens, but living beings. Time has left many traces on us, but time has also taken away many things. We try our best to keep these things in order to continue their life.

design drawing

Design concept

Imitation and growth: At the beginning of life, children experience the world through imitation, and they always see the shadow of their parents in their children and strive to grow upwards.

Fetters: Under the 30 year long one child policy, most Chinese families are only children, and parents pour all their love into their only child while maintaining their authority and absolute discourse as elders. When choosing school and work, the time to get married and have children, and many important choices in life, parents' wishes often change the direction of their children's progress.

Conflict and Understanding: Conflict can erupt in any intimate relationship, and conflicts are ubiquitous in life. The best way to solve conflicts is to understand each other's thoughts from their perspective. Love gradually becomes profound through repeated conflicts and understandings.

Materials and Production

Wrap the wool in specially mixed clay and stack it layer by layer according to the method of knitting the wool.

 imitation and growth1
Imitation and growth 1
 imitation and growth2
Imitation and growth 2
 imitation and growth2
 imitation and growth2
 conflict and understanding
Conflict and understanding
Woven tableware
Sketch & Production