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Fashion (MA)

Lujia Ye 叶路加

Lujia Ye is a fashion designer and stylist based in London and China. Before coming to RCA, she specialized in Fashion Design at the China Academy of Art (CAA), China. Her work focuses on menswear, sculpture, and textile. She links human behavior, senses, and materials. Her work focuses on menswear, sculpture, and textile in her work.

Before coming to RCA, Lujia worked as a menswear designer and also worked on new fabrics. In her work, she often talks about the existence of the human individual in society and investigates embodiment and human behavior. She wants to break the boundaries of fashion and human daily life to increase the communication between people and materials.

Degree Details

School of DesignFashion (MA)MenswearRCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Battersea, Studio Building, Ground and First floors

fragmented info

About the new practice, I creates a modular textile system related to "time". I created a modular textile system related to "time" to counter our fragmented behavior in the digital age, with the aim of reconnecting our cohesion. It's as if we are constantly concentrating on Legos and puzzles for long periods of time. So I incorporate crosswords and building blocks into my textile system for her audience to play with.

I chose celadon as my main pattern-making process because I hope that everything to be focused and continuous. A slower technique is used to feel the high level of concentration throughout the process. And I record my concentration throughout the process, in contrast to my fragmented behavior.

My three perspectives on thinking are:

  • Aesthetics of Slow
  • Ways of playing
  • The language of materials

It is a way of fighting our internal cohesion against the age of fragmented information.

I hope that anyone who is controlled by the act of fragmentation can be inspired by my creations, to re-experience the power of cohesion in the slow process, the stitching together of elements, and to live playfully by creating as a game.

sculpture of innovative textile and metal
presentation board
crosspuzzle game with a poixelated body
cyanotype sample 2
cyanotype sample 3
cyanotype sample 1
metal sculpture
mix material
Test: draping
Test: metal structure