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Fashion (MA)

Beverly Lu (Lu Tong)

Beverly Lu is a designer adept at exploring her inner world, prefers to embark on a journey of self-discovery through the interconnectedness of the universe, starting from her own being.

In the subconscious ideology of highly sensitive individuals, there exists an intense concern and self-denial towards everything. However, for Beverly, such a mindset provides an opportunity to explore greater possibilities. By withdrawing from the crowd and embracing solitude, she can contemplate the different dimensions of herself, envisioning the kind of life she leads, the personality she possesses, and the world that unfolds within those realms.

Degree Details

School of DesignFashion (MA)MenswearRCA2023 at Battersea and Kensington

RCA Battersea, Studio Building, Ground and First floors

Creating a unique signal by combining a code derived from your name and your facial features.

Déjà vu is a phenomenon of memory illusion, but it can also serve as a temporal rift connecting parallel worlds and the current reality.

In movies like "Inception," the spinning top, the watch in "Interstellar," or the comet in "Night of the Comet," these mediums carry pivotal roles in time-space manipulation. Our perceived world is merely a realm within the broad understanding of the universe. Did the Cretaceous period truly vanish? Where did the ships disappear in the Bermuda Triangle? Strangers residing on opposite ends of the Earth bear identical faces and no blood relations. Can these scientifically unexplainable phenomena be attributed to temporal disruptions?

To ants, humans, existing in three dimensions, appear as immense two-dimensional walls; ants are incapable of discerning our appearance or physical form. Simultaneously, from the perspective of higher-dimensional beings, we are mere "ants" in their eyes. Parallel worlds can exist in any dimension, spanning ancient eras thousands of years ago or futuristic technological epochs tens of thousands of years ahead, even created as new ages by beings from higher-dimensional civilizations.

However, dimensions in parallel worlds can change. Is it possible for time to flow backward? If so, would the future world after thousands of years of human civilization witness a repetition, like an infinitely looping progress bar? If we compare our existing world to a movie, do the memory illusions we experience contribute to temporal paradoxes and twists?

Alternatively, perhaps we ourselves are a captivating spacetime "movie."

The formation and overlap of the multidimensional universe
Different perspectives simulate parallel worlds in different dimensions
The various dimensions form different layers of the world like the longitudes and latitudes of the earth.
Extraction and division of the world
The independent "I" as a boy
Upside Down Boy
Cut My Face
Calculated my own code as a stamp
Shooting 001
Shooting 002
Shooting 003
Shooting 004
Shooting 005
Shooting 006
Shooting 007

Upside Down Boy

Existing in a world that is eerily similar yet completely opposite.

"I" am a gloomy, pale, and emaciated boy devoid of family, friends, and joy.

"I" reside in a bleak and damp environment, surrounded by war-ravaged ruins, in one of the few surviving human realms. Despite my desolate surroundings.

"I" strive to seek amusement and discover intriguing things, but everything seems strangely unfamiliar.



Time forms a closed loop, stretching tens of thousands or even thousands of years into the past, reverting back to the Stone Age, yet retaining the thought patterns of androids, with conflicting technologies and eras.