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Information Experience Design (MA)

Liwei Yin

Liwei Yin is a moving image artist and designer. In her practice, Liwei explores the interaction between humans and plants with images, sounds, and installations. She is interested in futures beyond the human, and her work explores how humans as a part of nature can better cooperate with nonhumans.

fractal generation

「♾️」 aims to explore future possibilities for combining artificial and plant structures through AI-generated furniture and biomimetic tendril structures.

By bringing a sense of conflict and vitality to artificial buildings through plant structures, the work inspires us to rethink our understood needs in relation to nature.

The work attempts to disrupt human-centered impulses, using AI to generate and deconstruct the structure of artificial furniture. This process requires the designer and users to rethink how we live and inhabit spaces. The resulting furniture pieces incorporate the vitality of plant structures, in this case tendrils: these support climbing plants, constantly searching for sunlight, which shapes the furniture structure. The design process enacts an AI-enabled simulated natural evolution, using fractal generation of images to shape the outcome.

The aim of the work is to re-situate the human within interconnected systems of natural life, as a way of realising the value of inhabiting a more sustainable planet.

Pine space is to reproduces the spatial environment of a pine tree through sound and image. Imagine a breath by recording the closing and opening movements of the pinecones. Try to listen from slow breathing and re-establish contact with the plant environment from listening.
16mm film