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Information Experience Design (MA)

Liangqia Huang

What does extinction sound like?

Liangqia Huang's body of work uses recordings of an extinct species to evoke the feeling of extinction. Her practice recomposes the extinct sound into a classical piece, which can be experienced as live performance with choreographed dance, or can be listened to in its sonic form alone.

The composition amplifies the helplessness we may feel in the face of extinction, whether that of another species or the inevitability of our own end. In this helpless state, the work is intended to produce a reverie, invoking the beauty of the extinct creature. In this sense, the experience is a sort of time machine, a sci-fi melancholy fantasy that asks us to reflect on past and future alike.


Liangqia Huang is a Chinese multidisciplinary artist and designer, whose talent ranges across the digital world, concept, 3d, painting, and sound. She integrates a range of disciplinary approaches, and a range of media including film, painting and music, to create harmonious experiential narratives.

Born and raised in China, Liangqia’s mission is to bridge the gap between eastern and western cultures through artistic expression. Her current work is in Information Experience Design, with a focus on humanistic research and creative sensorial media practice.

I have analyzed features in poems and paintings and designed A 'extinct' dance to interact with music. The dance steps are also co-designed with a dancer by imitating the movements of birds.
The cover of the album is inspirited by the bird's specimen and habitat. The physical album can play songs at the exhibition. Songs released on Spotify.


Sound, Performance, Movie image


2.5m*2.5m*2m & 03:50